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solar protect – the innovative awning

Whether it’s a classical awning or a manually or automatically retractable awning system – we plan your protection from the sun exactly in line with your requirements. We help you in selecting the right sailcloth, and can then design and install your sunshade just as you wish.

The high-quality system components, a clean and clear composition and the extensive adaptability of our manually operated awning systems, offers optimal protection against solar radiation in every situation.

The fully automatic control of the electrically retractable sunsail offers you maximum comfort. Based on light, wind, rain or temperature changes, the system automatically handles all necessary adjustments.

You represent the motto “Do it yourself” and like to take part yourself? No problem! Our manually roll-up awnings can also be mounted by you in addition to the intensive involvement in the planning phase.

Even if you intend to shade a very large area or protect it from rain, solar protect is the right contact for you! We also create the right concept for very extensive requirements.

Outdoors children are exposed to the UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun, our sandpit and playground awnings provide protection when playing and prevents the removal of sand by the weather, in the closed state.

Enjoy the customized protection for your balcony, your terrace or your roof terrace. Safety from sunlight, wind or rain provide a high level of comfort and increase the subjective well-being.

Awning control via app

Sonnensegelsteuerung per App

With the classic wireless control panel or SmartHomeApp, the fully automatic solar sails from solar protect can be operated easily and conveniently at any time.

Benefit from our wide range of products
and find the perfect solution for your sunscreen!

Retractable awnings from solar protect provide efficient protection from the sun and withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

Retractable awnings – Solarprotect

Consulting, assembly & installation: In Germany and worldwide.